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I Finally Started My New Job!

Everything ran smoothly this morning: I woke up on time, my bangs didn’t do the weird thing they do sometimes, I had picked out my clothes the night before (and changed my mind this morning), I remembered my lunch, and I got to work with time to spare. I should mention for anyone who is not familiar with Saskatoon that the parking downtown is horrible. The city was not made to expand in the way that it has and because of this finding a parking spot in an expensive nightmare. I was fortunate enough to have a parking ramp suggested for me by one of the other people in the office last week so I knew where I was going. (Yup, I did a Google Earth search to see what it looked like, found directions on Google Maps, and even checked the parking website to find out that it would cost $7.50 to park there everyday.)

I was completely at ease pulling into my parking spot fifteen minutes before I needed to be in the office. Then, when I went to pay for the parking pass at the kiosk, I was hit with the sudden news that the kiosk only accepted change and credit card – it also costs $10 to park for the day and the website is out of date. Awesome. Of course, I had a few loonies in my purse, but I had planned on paying with the $5 bill tucked in my wallet. I calmly slide my debit card into the machine. It was denied twice, even though there is enough money in our checking. I plunked the few loonies I had into the machine and dashed across the street and down the block to my building. Luckily, after explaining my parking┬ádilemma, the woman who suggested the parking ramp loaned me another $5 and I got change at the coffee shop downstairs.

After the daunting task of paying for parking, my day got much better. There are only a few people in the shared office and several of them are currently on vacations. I met four of the people in our office today, they were all very welcoming and ready to give me work right away. (I was so glad for this, since I have had so many first days of observing, training, and reading associate modules). Though there was a few things to get acclimated to (especially the phone with many lines and even more buttons), everything ran smoothly.

Since part of my job description will be “bookkeeper”, I was given some basic accounting materials to familiarize myself with since I have absolutely no background in this type of work. At first I felt smothered with jargon, but once I got the hang of it, the materials started making sense. This is the only part of the job that makes me nervous. Answer phones, greet people, paperwork, filing, and data entry? No problem. Bookkeeping and accounting? Terrifying. I am not a math person. I keep thinking of this as a challenge – a way to prove to myself that I can learn difficult material outside of my comfort zone.

I think I will be comfortable in this office. There are adults to talk to, but there is time to be alone with my work. I have a reason to get dressed up beyond yoga pants and a sweatshirt that nannying did not give me. I finally have the chance to meet people over the age of four for the first time in seven months. And there is always delicious coffee at my disposal.