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Canterbury Thoughts on my Way to Work

Canterbury Thoughts on my Way to Work

Mindy M. Wara Maciolek

March 11, 2013


The cool March sun begins to break through the thick traffic.

Weathered ice, gritty with sand, leads me from the parkade.

Tailored suits and peacoats drift past as they shuffle in masses

to board meetings with their smart phones in hand.



Pilgrims weathered grooves into Canterbury steps,

polishing the marble with their knees.

They carried burdens instead of briefcases,

and relics instead of flash drives.


The ice, heavy underfoot, is worn with daily footprints

and shows no sign of melting.


First Week as Part of the 480 Group

So my first week of work went off without a hitch. I read A LOT about accounting and Canadian taxes. I haven’t met all the tenants of the “480 Group” since many are on vacation, but they will be trickling into the office in the next few weeks. Even though it has only been a week, I already feel comfortable there; this is definitely a good sign.

When you walk into the office, this is what you see:


… my desk…

You can’t see my Wonder Woman mug, but it is there.


Now I just have to decide which Valentine’s Day treat to make for next week.