Argo-Fudge Yourself!


Since Jason and I frequent the budget cinema for “Toonie-Tuesdays” and last week it was my turn to choose which movie we saw, we went to see Argo. I knew a bit about what it was about the premise from seeing the occasional trailer, but I had no idea it would have the impact it did. Since Rainbow Cinema is a budget cinema, each screening room is cozy and the opening credits that ask the audience to turn off their cell phones and buy some popcorn are laughable. (These credits remind me of the opening credits of You’ve Got Mail.


There was a couple with a young girl wearing a shirt that said “Glitter is my favorite color” who may have mistakenly come to Argo when they meant to see Rise of the Guardians who was sitting to the right of us. The theatre is always packed on “Toonie-Tuesdays” and last Tuesday was no exception.  There were no more than 10 seats unfilled. (Again, this is a tiny theatre, so it felt extra cramped.)

The movie started off in the thick of the action with the Tehran students storming the American Embassy and the 6 escapees making their way to the Canadian Ambassador’s house. I was immediately sucked in. Clenched.


As the film went on, the crush I had on Ben Affleck as a teenager crept back (he lost my love with Daredevil). It may have been the intelligent, selfless CIA agent thing… it may have been the beard… probably a combination of both.


I usually have to get up to pee about every 30 minutes, whether I am at the movies or not, but somehow I managed to stay in my seat throughout the entire movie. There wasn’t a lull long enough to go even if I had to!


You know that feeling you get at a play or a movie or while you are reading a book when you completely suspend your disbelief and forget you are in a theatre full of people and are completely alone with the story? A part of the story? I love that feeling! Argo did that for me. When Tony Mendez (Affleck) and the 6 escapees were going through the bizarre to the time the plane took off for Switzerland I don’t recall breathing. As far as I was concerned, I was just as invested as the characters on the screen – if they got caught, we would all die.

As soon as the movie was over, I noticed how sweaty my palms were and how sore my lower back was from being in such a clenched state for 121 minutes of tension. I talked endlessly about how amazing the movie was and drove Jason nuts on the car ride home and texted everyone I knew that if they haven’t seen Argo to go watch it. Once I was out of my coat and boots I sat down to do some preliminary research on Tony Mendez and Argo or the Canadian Caper, as I learned it has been referred to. I also found the real Mendez’s memoir Argo: How the CIA and Hollywood Pulled Off the Most Audacious Rescue in History on Amazon.


A couple of days later I found a single copy at a nearby bookstore. Needless to say, I am currently reading it. I am a slow reader, but got through about half of it in one sitting. I had a difficult time putting it down to eat dinner.

A couple of days ago I got a text from my step-mom: Argo-fuck yourself! We liked the movie too!


I can’t wait until it comes out on video!


Help Megan Become the Next CW14 Star!

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Megan Wara as the new CW14 Star!


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This position is solely based on votes and comments so please help make this happen for her!

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Megan's poster with cupcakes

A bit you may not know about this CW14 Star hopeful:

As a child, Megan’s nickname was Taz because she was pretty crazy… 


She has always loved being is the spotlight – whether that be dancing, singing, watching home videos (which she called “Megan Movies”), or trying to get into Lego Magazine…

71945_1396216437722_6315061_n 255_19646603451_6806_n 34436_1396236918234_1430396_n 166189_1480736230664_292568_n 261307_1770584836698_1963404_n 295214_3987755664583_1835149758_n 376212_3394531834358_1660092626_n

Megan and her best friend have been together for as long as I can remember…

546671_2805032857252_470167967_n 67377_1396222957885_2691119_n537394_4182290447831_1572659853_n

But Megan has more friends than anyone I know…

535299_2770487913650_714094832_n 394713_3424403621134_1565038830_n 320579_1883708504719_1049056_n 311432_1920612227289_1258565126_n 285556_1813781716593_6641970_n 260141_1784914874940_771432_n 197187_1002336550971_9403_n 25535_385739542820_5977390_n

She loves cupcakes and baking and currently works at a Tamara’s Cakes

180521_1524060753750_6648581_n 224414_3578994565811_14279449_n 300863_1877631792805_3532025_n 319963_10150373635638507_1526956101_n 381050_3547844867088_1321223964_n 535489_4296529983748_1478234986_n 547755_3424437741987_886327182_n 582685_3520420661500_2136217408_n 67444_1396184356920_7318117_n

Before Megan got her blue butterfly tattoo, she was a blue butterfly…

297967_2052322319959_1670132487_n 561265_3356937134514_1539828844_n

She is addicted to Diet Coke…


…and is always cold…


She loves to give hugs…

205423_1002336510970_9141_n 207754_1003386457218_7065_n

…and does NOT like mustaches drawn on her face…


…but she doesn’t mind putting one on herself…


She has a pink guitar…

39479_1334895344733_881291_n 396994_2626413191872_759079364_n

Actually, she has always had pink everything…

4567_1060374961895_1748884_n 69825_1396195557200_1234291_n 298348_1894824862621_5729094_n537805_3988169394926_1861592269_n

Like me, she used to nanny and is great with kids…


She has a cat named Bootsie…

393080_4012153834522_212364473_n 556812_3907842066793_1332415244_n

…and has been mistaken several times for Taylor Swift…


She has done tons of modeling…

62514_442503575813788_2006166666_n 73178_1412217757745_105312_n 155422_1431366076441_6366598_n 247844_1682829682874_8354314_n 268916_1793446368222_5006176_n 283920_1813992361859_7016624_n 284939_1813825077677_4836565_n 285489_1813783556639_2136621_n 296200_1958509494697_669844618_n 304532_512222308792359_1614691455_n 310396_2105729935116_1183925514_n 310958_2152308419549_1164947641_n 319070_1958457373394_352227285_n 377358_2186006621983_11758685_n 523435_4352411215816_1177730249_n 542193_3055399436260_1031797982_n 548037_320866434644170_1708355160_n 561756_442125715851574_188522302_n 602272_3792147014489_544791362_n

She loves shopping and pumpkin flavored everything…

308168_2031495879311_1632334711_n 308880_1877630272767_2152916_n

She has overcome the terrifying lion bubbler (if you aren’t from Wisconsin, you probably would call it a “lion drinking fountain”) at the zoo that scared her as a child…


She loves to play dress up…


…and trying new things on Pintrest


She helped me at my first craft fair…


…and was, of course, my maid of honor…


She is really silly and is always entertaining…

62_510956911803_8933_n 9728_1126688099682_2753080_n 13956_1155346816132_1297575_n 36060_1396192557125_7202219_n 64907_1396235998211_4559517_n 65983_1396230398071_2610635_n 71798_1396223797906_5973617_n

These are just a few of the reasons you should vote

for Megan to be the next CW14 Star!

Don’t forget to vote and leave a comment!

For more about Megan visit her sites:

Blog: Simply Megan

About Me Profile: Megan.Wara

Twitter: @Megan_Wara

Facebook: Megan Wara

Pintrest: Simply Megan

LinkedIn: Megan Wara

Liebster Award – Ashley, You’re Swell

I am pleased to post that I recently was awarded the reader nominated Liebster Award. Awards such as this are a wonderful way to show fellow bloggers that you appreciate their work and it is great to be appreciated. Thank you to Ashley at Everything Is Blooming for nominating me!
If you aren’t following her, you are really missing out.

The following are some questions Ashley requested I answer as part of my acceptance of this award:

  1. Are you a dog or cat person? Why?
    I have always been a cat person, not only a cat person, but a black cat person. Growing up, we always had dogs. Everyone in my family has been very attached to all of these pups, but the only one I ever had a strong connection with was Dutchess – a mutt my dad surprised us with while I was in middle school. She had a great temperament, was smart and patient enough to learn tricks, and was great around children. Earlier this month she had to be put down because her arthritis had gotten so bad. At 12 years old she could no longer support the weight of her body long enough to get outside. I got to say good bye to her while Jason and I were visiting Wisconsin this past winter. She wasn’t put down until February, but I knew it was good-bye. I smothered her with love and gave her extra treats. She was the only dog that was my dog. Anyway, other than Dutchess, my pets have been black cats. My birthday is on Halloween, so somewhere along the line I must have decided I had to have only black cats. My black cats: Binx, Mischief, Maria, Joey, Henri, Sheldon (who is black and white), Barney, and Penny. Just to clarify that I am not the archetypal cat lady, I do not currently have 8 cats running around my apartment. Binx had long hair and boxed with me if I had on oven mitts and ran away when I was in middle school; Mischief was my ugly little runt with a deformed nose that my brother and I snuck into the truck in my deep overall pockets when my dad and sister picked out a beautiful calico barn cat to bring home; Maria, Joey, and Henri were kittens that a friend of a friend found behind her boyfriend’s parents’ cabin (did you follow that?). We took them in when we lived in our first college apartment and couldn’t decorate our Christmas tree because the cats climbed it. Now Maria and Joey live with my friends other friend and my mom fell in love with Henri while cat-sitting and wouldn’t give him back; Sheldon belonged to me and my ex-fiancé and is the only cat on this list that was black and white. He now lives with my aunt and uncle, who also fell in love with him and decided to keep him; Barney was the first cat Jason has ever had and the first pet we adopted together. He can sit, shake hands, fetch, and takes walks; Penny is Barney’s new baby sister who probably won’t grow beyond the size of a large kitten. We recently adopted her after moving to Canada. She has a little tuft of white hair on her chest and constantly purrs for no reason. So – long story long – I am a cat person.

dutchess kitties

  1. Growing up, what was your favorite cartoon/show?
    To start: I still love cartoons – my husband and I watch Young Justice on weekend mornings while we eat our cereal. However, this is not about the cartoons I watch as an adult who is closer to 30 than 20, this is about my childhood favorite. I was obsessed with the Power Rangers (for any young readers, these were the original Americanized Power Rangers, and as far as I am concerned, they are the only ones worth watching). I never noticed the dubbed voiced or terrible acting. I did drool over Billy the blue ranger (of course, I knew in kindergarten that “my type” was nerdy glasses wearing scientists). Not only did I watch the show, I played Power Rangers in the backyard on our jungle-gym  while kicking my sister in the chest like she was a putty – poor Megan… I was always Billy (don’t even get me started on Kimberly the pink ranger – she couldn’t defend herself and always needed Jason or Tommy’s help – therefore was never worthy of being a Power Ranger, but whatever, I am over it ←LIE), I wore boy’s Power Ranger sneakers and boy’s Power Ranger t-shirts, I slept with a 2-foot tall Jason the Red Ranger doll (I felt like I was cheating on Billy, but I got it for Christmas and Mom told me she couldn’t find the blue one), and I had a Power Ranger birthday party at Shakey’s (does anyone else from Oshkosh, Wisconsin remember Shakey’s?!). Of course there were others: TMNT, Arthur, The Magic School Bus, but The Power Rangers were the best.


  1. If you could meet one fictional character, who would it be?
    If I had to choose just one (which is impossible!), I would choose to meet Barbara Gordon. I would, of course, come prepared for our meeting with questions about Batman, the batcave, Dick Grayson, Commissioner Gordon, Gotham, and her experiences as and Oracle. I would ask her how she felt about other girls becoming Batgirl while she was Oracle and how she dealt with it. I would ask her about starting the Birds of Prey and what she thinks it means to be a woman vigilante. I could definitely fall down the rabbit hole with this question – there are so many characters that I read about that become so real to me. I would love to meet them all.


  1. What is your guilty pleasure?
    Facebook, Pintrest, and computer Solitaire. When I actually have the time to read, draw, craft, write – all the things I complain about never having time for – I find myself sucked into social media, pinning, and a mindless virtual game. I don’t even think I get that much pleasure out of it which is the annoying thing. Something I take much more pleasure in: shoe shopping. I have a serious shoe shopping addiction. I worked at Nine West Outlet as an undergrad and my shoe habit got worse. Most of my shoes are in my dad’s attic right now since we couldn’t have brought them all to Canada. All in all I have 200+ pairs of shoes.
    2013-02-28 19.11.14
  2. You’re forced to relocate immediately; Where would you choose to live?
    If I got the choice, I would pack up Jason, the kitties, the books, and the shoes and move to Cambridge, England. Of all the places I visited during my trip abroad, I loved Cambridge most. Though it is not a big city, there is a lot crammed into its cobble streets. Everyone bikes (which Jason would love), the architecture is beautiful, and summer days are breezy, not sweaty.
  3. Marry, Boff, Kill: Your first, second, and third romantic partners.
    Marry: Jason (clearly)
    Kill: Aaron (anyone that was there for this breakup knows this is the clear choice)
    Boff: Billy the blue ranger (a girl can dream, right?)
  4. What was your first car?
    The Spiffy Mobile: A red flat-top Pontiac Sunbird that could really take a beating. This car went through hell since I was an extremely irresponsible teenager. It hit a van without a scratch, drag raced down country roads, provided me with a portable make-out spot, did doughnuts in gravel and on ice, and snuck me out of the house on more than one occasion.
  5. What’s your homepage?
    Google Chrome – my most visited sites (Facebook,  Wordpress, Gmail, Pintrest, Youtube, Google Drive, the website I watch New Girl on, and ModCloth) with a pretty floral background.
  6. Name two things other than your phone or computer you couldn’t live without.
    1. Books
    2. Shoes
  7. What is your favorite dessert?
  8. What are you currently obsessed with?
    Argo. Jason and I just went to see it at the budget theatre on Tuesday. I thought it was amazing! My fists were clenched and I didn’t dare get up to pee once throughout the entire movie. If you haven’t seen this movie – go see it. I drove Jason nuts in the car by talking about how great it was until we got home. Then I Googled it and found the real account of it on Amazon.

Since I accepted the Liebster Blog Award, here are the rules:

Rules for the Liebster Blog Award (if you choose to accept)
1. Add the award icon to your post.
2. Link in your nominator to say thank you.
3. Answer the questions the nominator has set for you, and create eleven questions for your own nominees to answer.
4. Choose eleven bloggers to nominate for the award, and let them know.

And the nominees are…

1. Sam of comicsonice for her work to create a community of female comic book readers.
2. Kyla of 180 Degrees in 365 Days for her incredible honesty about parenting.
3. Her name is not available on her blog, but the writer of Chubby Madness for her bravery to write about being chubby and okay with it.
4. Kelly of What’s She Laughing At? for her wit and sense of humor.
5. Gabi of GabiFresh for her fabulous sense of fashion and beautiful pictures.
6. The creator of Uncanny Adventures in Comic Costume Creation for her incredible costume designs.
7. Stephen  of Doodle Alley for his wonderful artwork and simple color palette.
8. Caitlin of The Siren’s Tale for her insight.
9. Karen of Do Not Get Sick in the Sink, Please for her ballsy attitude.
10. Latoya of Mental Notes for her beautiful poetic images.
11. The author of Little Miss Know It All for her interesting point of view.

My questions for my nominees (if they choose to accept) are as follows:

1. What is your dream job? Why?

2. What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?

3. If you could have one superpower what would it be? What would you do first? Who (if anyone) would you tell about your ability?

4. What popular notion do you think the world is currently wrong about?

5. What is your favorite part of your body? Why?

6. What do you think people misunderstand most about you?

7. What 10 things do you hope to be remembered for when you die?

8. List 3 legitimate fears that you have and why these things frighten you.

9. If you had to eat only one food for the rest of your life, what food would you choose?

10. List 3 life events that shaped the person you are today.

11. Does the meaning of your name fit your personality? If you could change your name, what would you change it to and why?

Again, thank you, Ashley for this nomination and for being such an amazing writer. Please take the time to check out Ashley’s blog as well as the blogs of the writers I have nominated. They are all very talented and are well worth your reading time.

Food Security

So Jason and I have been ridiculously broke for the last month. Two weeks ago we literally could not afford groceries. We went to the grocery store, got about 12 items, went to the check out and found that all of our cards were denied. We thought we had more money in our accounts, but somehow we miscalculated. Completely embarrassed, we left the grocery store with nothing but the empty bags we brought in.

A few days later, Jason’s birthday check cleared (it takes nearly a month for a US check to clear in Canada!) and we were able to get the essentials: eggs, milk, bread.

This past week I got my first paycheck from my new job. As almost all first paychecks are, this was only for one week’s pay. This is what we expected.

Yesterday we went to the grocery store again. The sense of doom had lifted and been replaced by a warm sense of security. We could actually afford to buy food – and not just a few cheap items. We bought fruit and ice cream and meats! I usually him-and-haw about carrying in the groceries (I have to do it in one trip  – I don’t know why), but yesterday the weight of the canvas straps on my arms and all that they contained was welcome and felt lighter than usual. I was glad to unpack them and fill our cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We immediately made a tasty (but quick) dinner of grilled turkey and Gouda sandwiches with spiced tomato soup. I can’t recall anything tasting so delicious.

This morning I woke up and had a heaping bowl of mixed berries and some Tim Horton’s coffee (with a little hot cocoa mix so it tastes like a mocha) made in our fancy Keurig wedding gift. Money may not buy happiness, but it buys security. We are going to be okay.

1950s Marriage Rating Scale

My step-sister, the historian, sent me this lovely quiz to see how I am doing as a new wife:

Marital Raiting Scale 1950s

I got a 7.  Jason got a pretty big kick out of this!

♥ Have a great Valentine’s Day tomorrow everyone! ♥

I am off to bake a ton of cookies for work!



63 peanut butter blossoms with red and pink edible glitter – tell me I am not domestic! I should get more points on that quiz somewhere for that…

2013-02-13 20.58.10


Don’t bother counting the ones above… there were 63… some of them had to be sacrificed…

2013-02-13 20.58.28


They are more pink than the pictures show…

2013-02-13 20.58.17

I think they turned out pretty good. 🙂

First Week as Part of the 480 Group

So my first week of work went off without a hitch. I read A LOT about accounting and Canadian taxes. I haven’t met all the tenants of the “480 Group” since many are on vacation, but they will be trickling into the office in the next few weeks. Even though it has only been a week, I already feel comfortable there; this is definitely a good sign.

When you walk into the office, this is what you see:


… my desk…

You can’t see my Wonder Woman mug, but it is there.


Now I just have to decide which Valentine’s Day treat to make for next week.