New Blog Series in the Works

I had an idea this morning while drinking my coffee for a new blog post series regarding women’s issues (really, gender issues in general) that are controversial, but not ultimately political in nature. I am sure that these issues could be unpacked and unraveled to the point of becoming political, but I want to keep these posts somewhat light and not cause mass debates full of hatred of strangers and cyber bullying; I see enough of this stuff everywhere else on the internet.


Therefore, I will not be touching subjects such as abortion. Here are some topics I am thinking about playing with:

  • *Shaving (legs, armpits, bikini lines, etc.) – I am currently working on this one!
  • Bras
  • Last Names (after marriage)
  • Makeup
  • Popular Song Lyrics

I am still brainstorming; the most obvious ideas are ones about appearance, but I want to dig a little deeper. Please share and suggestions that you would be interested in reading about and/or contributing your two cents about.


17 thoughts on “New Blog Series in the Works

  1. Simon Rall

    Hey, Wara, I don’t know if you remember me, but I was in the 8th grade class that you student taught. I’m a big fan of your blog and would be really interested in new content.

  2. Kalina Hug

    (Just realized I spelt my name wrong! I guess not having you as a student teacher had made my spelling go downhill) I must say that I really enjoyed the poem about calves. It was such an intriguing read, and I feel that many people are forced to go through the daily struggle of not getting into books cause of their calves. ‘Para mi amada hermana, Christina’ was an intense read. How dare she do that with Diego when the person thought they were in love. Keep up the good work Ms. Wara! I hope to see you in the future.

    1. mindymwm Post author

      I still knew who you were. Thanks again, I try to write about the female experience as truthfully as possible in hopes of giving others something to relate to. The pieces about Frida Kahlo are based on experiences throughout her life. She is one of my favorite artists. I love using persona poems to better understand different perspectives. Thanks for reading. I hope high school is going well for you.

      1. Kalina Hug

        I think you’ve made your poems very relatable to many females and by the looks of the comments even some males. Haha! I’ve never heard of Frida Kahlo. I suppose when I get some free time I will research some of her poems! High school is going well; I’m not in English this semester, but I can’t wait to get back into writing and all that fun stuff.

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