Food Security

So Jason and I have been ridiculously broke for the last month. Two weeks ago we literally could not afford groceries. We went to the grocery store, got about 12 items, went to the check out and found that all of our cards were denied. We thought we had more money in our accounts, but somehow we miscalculated. Completely embarrassed, we left the grocery store with nothing but the empty bags we brought in.

A few days later, Jason’s birthday check cleared (it takes nearly a month for a US check to clear in Canada!) and we were able to get the essentials: eggs, milk, bread.

This past week I got my first paycheck from my new job. As almost all first paychecks are, this was only for one week’s pay. This is what we expected.

Yesterday we went to the grocery store again. The sense of doom had lifted and been replaced by a warm sense of security. We could actually afford to buy food – and not just a few cheap items. We bought fruit and ice cream and meats! I usually him-and-haw about carrying in the groceries (I have to do it in one trip  – I don’t know why), but yesterday the weight of the canvas straps on my arms and all that they contained was welcome and felt lighter than usual. I was glad to unpack them and fill our cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer.

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We immediately made a tasty (but quick) dinner of grilled turkey and Gouda sandwiches with spiced tomato soup. I can’t recall anything tasting so delicious.

This morning I woke up and had a heaping bowl of mixed berries and some Tim Horton’s coffee (with a little hot cocoa mix so it tastes like a mocha) made in our fancy Keurig wedding gift. Money may not buy happiness, but it buys security. We are going to be okay.


8 thoughts on “Food Security

  1. The Siren's Tale

    This post makes me smile 🙂 It reminds me a lot of the current state my boyfriend and I are in. I recently changed jobs and his work is seasonal, so there have been too many times to count that we’ve shown up in a line and been declined for a lack of funds. During tight times, all you can do is focus on the good and the happy – which is exactly what you did and are doing 🙂

    1. mindymwm Post author

      I am so glad you enjoyed this post. I have been in this situation before, but this is the first time we have gone through it together. Before, I was in college and living with a girlfriend and we could easily stop at my parents’ house for dinner and raid their fridge (which usually would be followed by a paid trip to the grocery store); however there is nobody here to help us and we had to figure things out on our own. Though this made our situation a lot scarier, it felt like so much more of an accomplishment to pull ourselves out of it.

      Thanks for reading! I hope your circumstances look up soon as well.

    1. mindymwm Post author

      Thanks for making me look like a dead-beat penpal. Your letter will go out this weekend – promise – don’t get your panties in a bundle.

      Thanks for the nomination! You are swell.


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