If Only Catwoman Didn’t Always Have to Be A Sex-Kitten…

The New 52 version of Catwoman has gotten a lot of negative feedback on Talking Comics  and on several other forums as a highly over sexualized book that paints Selina Kyle as nothing more than T&A. The sales numbers for this book are ridiculously low and the writing does not even come close to making up for the pornographic art. In this Comics Alliance article by Laura Hudson, we see Starfire and Catwoman depicted as Playboy pin-ups while their male counterparts are depicted the way we expect superheros to be portrayed. Since there is already so much out there on the internet about Catwoman and her current state, I thought I would just offer my idea of what Catwoman could wear instead:



It looks a little like Nightwing’s costume, but the purple is drawn from her earlier suits and I figured she needed some more practical boots than the ones she has had before:


The basic shape of the suit is similar to Captain Marvel’s current costume which is highly practical for fighting crime (or being a cat burglar  it depends on how Selina is feeling that day):



3 thoughts on “If Only Catwoman Didn’t Always Have to Be A Sex-Kitten…

  1. Valentine Logar

    Well, who is offended? Honestly, most readers of comic books remain young men so it behooves the artist to draw the characters to appeal to their audience. Terrible? Perhaps, but this is first a business.

    1. mindymwm Post author

      Thank you for your response.

      Actually, there are far more female readers than people think. Also, women are not the only ones who are tired of the over sexualized female characters. There are several men who are sick of this too. There is a time and a place for characters to be drawn this way and mainstream comics that anybody can pick up is not that venue. There are racier/sexier genres that lend themselves well to this type of art. I have no issue with those if that is what the reader wants to buy. The problem is that in order to read a story about a character that I love (Catwoman has always been one of my favorites), I have to delve into her deep cleavage to get that story. The fact that this comic is way down is sales does not say much for its art either, not that it is written very well, but Batgirl and Batwoman aren’t dressed like tarts and sell much better than Catwoman. What Catwoman needs are better writers and artists to revive this character and make her something less than illustrated porn.

      1. Valentine Logar

        Thank you, I appreciate the reply and the explanation. I am a huge fan of this type of art (in its place). I never though comic books were the place for over sexualized characters, but assumed there was a reason. Nice to know it isn’t selling and women aren’t the only ones complaining.

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