An Amateur Husband and Wife Comic Team?

After enveloping ourselves in comic books in a pretty big way, Jason and I decided to start working on a comic of our own. Jason has a great idea for a character and the over arching idea for the story. We will be co-writing it and I will be doing the artwork. This weekend, I got a new sketchbook and started researching how to create comics/webcomics.

We are nowhere near getting anything off the ground or getting a first issue established, but I have a few potential panels sketched for the first issue and have one panel mocked up using my drawings, Power Point, Paint, and a comics program I downloaded. I doubt anything will come of it for a while, but here is my attempt at the first panel.


If any readers create their own comics, please point me in the right direction. Any programs I should be downloading? Articles I should be reading? How to blogs?

Edit: After uploading my second and third panels, I feel like I like my own wiggly lines better than the CG ones I created in the above image.





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