Brief Review of Sarah and the Seed

Jason and I have recently been listening to the Talking Comic Books podcasts. Since we don’t have many friends that also read comic books, it started out as a way to see what other people thought about DC Comics and the New 52 comics that we collect (a reboot of the DC characters that started in 2011). However, we got hooked on the podcasts and started using them to discover different comic books outside of the DC Universe and to broaden our horizons. I found several titles under Image Comics that I probably would never have picked up since most of what I read is superhero books. Today I decided to check out some digital comics that were suggestions on the Talking Comic Books website. My favorite so far is Sarah and the Seed.


This is a very short one-shot comic by Ryan Andrews about a woman, Sarah, and her husband, Aaron, who cannot have children. Late in her years, Sarah becomes pregnant and gives birth to a seed. Aaron is concerned about his wife’s attachment to the seed, but lets her indulge herself in mothering it anyways. I will not give more away than that – and I know the premise on the surface may sound a little weird, but it is a beautiful short story about family and motherhood.

Not only is the story heartwarming, but the mostly grey and white artwork is simple, sweet and very fitting for the story. Please, take the time to read this digital comic – even if you are not a comic book nerd. It will definitely be time well spent.


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