Return from the Wedding Rabbit Hole

Jason and I have finally emerged from our wedding rabbit hole as husband and wife. Somehow we managed to pull off a beautiful Wisconsin wedding in two months of planning abroad with a tiny budget.


The ceremony, that took so much time to plan, happened in an instant; and though I was stifling tears before I walked down the aisle with my father, I ended up smiling and laughing through much of the ceremony. Our readings were light-hearted and at one point our five year old ring-bearer scratched his nuts (luckily I didn’t see this until viewing the video of the ceremony). Jason’s vows were beautiful and descriptive even though he had been struggling for weeks to write them. I looked out on our friends and family while I stood under the arch my father built and felt the warmth in that room. Though it was secular and officiated by our friend, we were complimented several times by our religious relations on the simplicity and beauty of our ceremony (I could finally breathe since I thought the lack of God in our vows would stir the Catholic/Lutheran/Etc. mindsets that looked on).


Our bridal party entered the reception to Gangnam Style, but was shown up by our ring-bearer doing a maniac version of the running man that nobody could have planned, but everybody loved. Though we were surrounded by our closest friends and family, Jason and I were thankful to have our own small table to ourselves while our bridal party sat with their families. In between clicking glasses and expected kisses, Jason and I enjoyed the first real meal either of us had had all day. We circulated to thank everyone for coming and, at my father’s request, asked if everyone had had enough to eat. We danced our asses off until midnight for the New Year’s countdown and toasted 2013 as husband and wife.

Things were not perfect, but I would not have wanted them any different than they were. 


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