Hi, my name is Mindy, and I am a bibliophile. (It is not as dirty as it sounds)

Even though the majority of my books are stacked in piles and piles of boxes at my dad’s house back in Wisconsin (I don’t know what I would do if he couldn’t store them for me until we move back!), my book collection here in Canada keeps growing and I can’t keep up! And worse – Jason has picked up my habit of book collecting. Our shelves are lined with books we hope to have time for some mythical day in the future when we have time. We have filled another crate of comic books and need to buy yet another bookshelf… and it is new comic book Wednesday…

I Buy Books I Know Will Never Read

Mindy M. Wara

Half Price Books should never

have given me a teacher discount,

volumes by the crateful at 10% off.

I sift through every nook and cranny of the store,

scrounging the towering shelves for my next fix.

I love justified margins and strip

off book jackets soon as I get home.

I admire the ruffed rabbit etched

into Alice in Wonderland’s leather cover.

Fingering the texture helps me understand the text.

I am a slow reader. I distract myself

with the diction of every paragraph,

the shape of every word,

caught up in the moment that Times New Roman

meets black on white in anything by Austen.

The musty smell of cheap titles

and water stained pages fills my summer

as I dig through cardboard boxes

in strange garages,

rummaging for literacy’s sake.

10% off of Half Price is still too much

when too many books is never enough.

Books spill off shelves and into the swarm

of words I wade around in on my apartment floor:

Given the choice between rent or the rush

of words added to my hoard,

I always chose words.


2 thoughts on “Hi, my name is Mindy, and I am a bibliophile. (It is not as dirty as it sounds)

  1. Valentine Logar

    I feel you, books are my main adoration as well. I now am very picky and regularly go through my books filtering out all that do not belong. It is a terrible thing but must be done.

    1. mindymw Post author

      I wish I could do that! I used to teach pre-school and have collected copious amount of children’s books and started collecting Robert Sabuda’s pop-up books (which are amazing works of art!). I also teach middle school and high school so I have tons of young adult literature. Then there is everything else – I am interested in too many things to get rid of anything. I am getting better about not buying EVERY book I am mildly interested in…


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