Our First Canadian Thanksgiving

Today Jason and I made and ate our first Thanksgiving in Canada and without our families. Though it is not November and not Wisconsin, I think we did a pretty great job. As I have mentioned before, I am not huge on cooking and tend to avoid the kitchen; but today I made a pie from scratch. (Jason is an amazing cook and took care of the rest of the dinner. The turkey was amazing!) We spent the day in our sweatpants, cleaned the apartment, and watched FRIENDS until dinner. When we sat down at our table, set with superhero glasses (the only glasses we have), everyday plates, and paper napkins it didn’t feel like Thanksgiving. We barely made a dent in the turkey and were full after one plateful each. The dinner seemed to be over and done with so quickly and we had been preparing most of the day.

I am trying not to think about everyone sitting around my grandparents’ dinning room table, passing dishes around the table counter-clockwise and – though I do not participate – saying grace before digging in to their colorful plates full of my grandmother’s cooking. I am trying not to think about the relaxed environment at my dad’s house where everyone grazes on crescent rolls, corn, potatoes, and turkey. I am trying not to think about putting up the Christmas tapestry above the fireplace and wrapping greenery around the wooden banister leading down the stairs. I am trying not to think about the midnight adventure to Kohl’s that my sister and I would take to kick-off our all day Black-Friday shopping trip.

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I know it is not November. I know I am not in the states and Jason and I had a lovely meal together in the home we have made for ourselves here in Saskatoon. I know that when we move back to Wisconsin in a few years and get settled in that we will host Thanksgiving at our home and make the same foods we ate this evening for the friends and family that I miss today.


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