Frida Kahlo Poems

These are a few poems I wrote in response to some of my favorite Frida Kahlo paintings over the last couple of years. I always admired her artwork, but I did not know much about her until I took a course on female artists.

Don’t let the unibrow throw you off, Frida Kahlo was not only a very unique and talented painter, but an amazing woman with a painful life story. Her paintings are so much more meaningful if you know about her as a person. If you haven’t seen Frida (2002) I strongly suggest watching it. If you are really feeling motivated read Hayden Herrera’s Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo.

1932, The Birth of Frida Kahlo

Mindy M. Wara

Madre María watches from her oaken frame
over the woman writhing
in the agony of motherhood.

The woman’s  bronzed toes clench
the sodden sheets
untucking them from the deep sleigh bed.

Hard earned sweat trickles over her full brow
as her belly pushes, her thighs tighten
and her contracted womb delivers.

Then warm placenta gushes forth,
encircling the baby’s head
crowning her with a rusty halo.

Tiny lips stained blue,
neck slacking, she rests her head
limply against clammy maternal skin.

Shrouded, she does not want to see
her own dark eyes lifeless in her baby’s face.
She does not want to see the father, breathless and gaping.

Buenos días, soy una pintora

Mindy M. Wara

I spent much of the morning looking
at my reflection and smoothing my hair
before my paintings and I visited the plaza.
I wore Christina’s nicest dress so you would not think
I was a silly girl.

Soy una pintora.

Your heavy footsteps weighed on me like stone
as you come down from the scaffolding. There you loomed
over me in your overalls flecked with the reminisce of art.
Your large paintings and large stature do not intimidate me.

Soy una pintora.

En anticipación de la boda entre el sapo y la paloma

Mindy M. Wara

I wear this dress for you, mi sapo.
It seemed appropriate as it hung
next to the blanca frill mi madre expected.
The loose cotton clings
to my anxious sweat as it drips
down mi espalda
as I wait
to take your hand, mi amigo.

Para mi amada hermana, Christina

Mindy M. Wara

He is intoxicating
but I thought you loved me
more than that. You
are my blood, mi hermana.
Your children call me tía

yet you fuck Diego.
You must have needed it badly.
I hope he fills you
with whatever you are looking for
in his bed. Our bed

where I have made love to him
more times than you can live up to.

Soy mi propio marido ahora

Mindy M. Wara

Since you cannot do it,
I will be my own husband now.
I will take care of the bills,
the pleasure, and the painting.
I will wear both legs of my pants
and strip them off myself.

I will be my own husband now.
I will eat the leftovers at medianoche
and sweep the crumbs from my shirt.

I will be my own husband now.
I will wear what turns me on
and escort myself to parties.
I will fuck whoever I please.


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